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Wanted Posters

Calling all young artists!
Draw a poster of your very own dastardly villain What is their name, and what do they look like? Don’t forget to add a reward!

Now send your picture to Dixie and Percy so they can add it to the gallery.

send dixie your wanted poster


Have you followed the route Dixie and Percy take in Dixie O’Day in The Fast Lane using the map in the book?

Why not draw a map of your own? Maybe for a Dixie adventure you make up yourself!

Dixie and Percy would love to see.

Send your maps to Dixie and Percy

Marvellous motors

There are some crazy cars in the Dixie O’Day series.

Why not design one of your own? It could fly or go in water, it could be made up of all sorts of weird and wonderful things… just grab some paper and pens and start inventing!

Don’t forget to send them in.

Send your designs to Dixie and Percy

Ride with Dixie and Percy

Put yourself in the picture and go for a spin with dixie and Percy.

Just download this sheet (pdf), print and add your favourite picture.